Root canal treatment (RCT, also known as endodontics) is required when infection occurs within the pulp area of a tooth. This pulp area contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, lymph vessels and other soft tissue. Endodontics involves the removal of this soft tissue followed by thorough cleaning and disinfection; the hollowed-out root canal is then filled with a special substance to replace the soft tissue.

RCT may be required when a tooth is continually painful due to nerve damage or your dentist may detect bone infection in an x-ray. These days highly sophisticated techniques allow a very high quality of treatment to be carried out in general practice with high success rates – sometimes requiring referral to our in house specialist Dr Satinder Chander.

In an adult the nerve tissue inside the tooth no-longer has an important role to play and its removal will not be missed. After RCT we recommend patients have a crown to further protect the tooth.

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