Losing teeth is a traumatic experience for many patients. Apart from what it does to your smile and confidence, it becomes more difficult for you to chew your food. Dental implants look, feel and work just like your own teeth. We carry out many services here in our Lymington based surgery, for dental implants to patients throughout the New Forest, Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton & Isle of Wight – it couldn’t be easier with us here at Solent House Dental Centre.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small root-sized metal screws, which can be permanently fixed in the jaw to replace missing teeth. Any number of teeth can be replaced – from a single front tooth or back tooth, up to a complete replacement of all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws.
Once placed, implant-retained teeth are strong and firm and will look, feel and function as well as natural teeth. Once they have successfully fused into the bone, dental implants will normally be permanent.
The first dental implants were placed in 1965 and are still going strong. Success rates are extremely high, with millions of dental implants being placed each year.

Your options

We can use one of three approaches to place dental implants, depending on what will be most suitable and successful for you. All three will involve the same first and second consultation.

First consultation

First, you’ll need to come along for a short examination and, if early indications are favourable, we will take x-rays to assess the suitability of your jaws for implants. If they do prove suitable, we will then give you an estimate of the cost of your dental implants.

Second consultation

If you then decide you want to be considered for treatment, we will arrange for you to see the surgeon who would actually place the dental implants. In some cases more specialised x-rays may need to be taken by a hospital radiographer.

Conventional Implants: 1st and 2nd Stage Placement

With conventional implants the process follows 2 stages – an initial procedure is carried out to place your implants (under either general or local anaesthetic) and these are then left under the gum to fuse into the bone for between 2-4 months. Once fusion has occurred the implants can be uncovered and connectors are fixed on to extend the implants into the mouth. Finally, impressions of the implants are taken and crowns or bridges are constructed and eventually fixed to the implants with small screws which are covered with filling material.

Immediate Function Implants

If your dentist feels you are suitable for Immediate Function Implants you will only go through with the 1st stage of implant treatment. After your initial consultations your dentist will place the implant in the jaw and immediately assess how firm the implant is. If the bone is strong and the implant is stable enough an instant attachment will go ahead.

Teeth in an Hour Implants

Thanks to the revolutionary, ‘Teeth-in-an-Hour’ Dental Implant System, what once took months to achieve can now be done in an hour. This computerised planning technique from Nobel Biocare, the inventors of titanium implants, enables new teeth to be attached as soon as the dental implants are placed, avoiding the long delays usually associated with conventional implant techniques. You can leave the dental surgery with your new teeth fitted after as little as an hour of treatment.

The system uses CT images and highly-sophisticated computer software to enable the proposed treatment to be completely and accurately planned before placing the implant.

For some, the ‘Teeth in an Hour’ technique may not be appropriate. However, where the bone quality in the jaw is good, we can usually place dental implants and attach teeth straight away to give immediate function.

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