When attending a new dental practice it is clearly important to have the most appropriate type of initial consultation according to your individual needs.

Following a detailed discussion with our trained reception staff we will try and book the most appropriate initial consultation to suit your needs. The choice of initial consultation includes the following:

  • Short, free-of-charge meeting: A short chat to meet the dentist and discuss the type of treatment that may be available for your needs. No clinical examination is carried out.
  • A general dental check-up:  This is the appropriate choice for patients who have received regular care in the past and who, hopefully, will not need much remedial treatment. Treatment is agreed and an initial estimate provided at that appointment.
  • A detailed diagnosis and written plan: This two-visit consultation is suitable for referred patients or those with more extensive treatment needs (such as dental implant treatment). Full records, x-rays and photos are taken, including models of your mouth, to enable the dentist to assess your options carefully. These will then be presented together, with a detailed treatment plan, at a separate diagnosis appointment.

All examinations will check the condition of your teeth, together with the supporting gums. We also always check the soft tissues (tongue, cheeks etc) to carry out a routine oral-cancer screening. We will usually recommend initial visits to our dental hygienist to help achieve and maintain excellent oral health. During any check-up your general health will form an integral part of our evaluation process: changes in your mouth can sometimes indicate conditions that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. We use state-of-the-art technology such as an intra-oral camera to take individual images of your mouth and teeth. You can observe these yourself on a screen while your dentist explains the details.. We also have a dental OPG machine to x-ray your whole jaw. Your dental condition is recorded on a computer to help plan and cost individual treatment.

Call us on 01590 672986 to arrange your consultation Or you can email enquiries@solent-dental.co.uk